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Brand | Websites | Content

Digital Marketing and Branding
we offer services designed to help you get better results

Brand Development

Imagine having a great logo, perfect color pallet, fonts and maybe even a branding guidebook in place.

Content Writing

Captivating content will help you with more likes, shares, email subscriptions and ultimately new leads.

Web Design

Here at True Brand Studio, we focus on identifying the problem you solve for your clients to make the design more successful.

Step 1. Research

Research your competition.
Find keyword search opportunities.
Understand your market trends.

Step 2. Planning & Strategy

Outline your goals and create a marketing plan with a sales funnel. Create educational materials that will help your customers understand your product and service better. Examples: Blog posts, white papers, e-books and so on.

Step 3. Web Development and Improvements

Execute the plan by developing the code and collect the data for analysis.


Some of our awesome clients


What our clients say

Fantastic job! Thank you!

Mark Robinson Director of Creative Services CIBER, Inc.

"I've worked with Lana on several projects over the past year and a half. She's exceptionally creative and talented, very conscientious and quite knowledgeable when it comes to what works in marketing. You'll find Lana responsive and conscientious. She has great rates, too. For anyone who needs graphic design, Lana is a terrific resource."

Betsy Loeff
Betsy Loeff Content Marketing & PR Writer

"Lana is technically very proficient. She knows the programs we often use in our work together extremely well. She is also very helpful, always willing to make constructive recommendations and has an especially good knowledge of social media marketing for maximum effect. Always pleasant to work with as well. She is also fair and reasonable in her pricing especially considering her level of expertise. I am using her presently and will continue to do so."

Bob Miglino RRT BSRT MPS President FOCUS Publications & Conferences, Inc.

"Lana is an excellent web designer, and she managed to make the process of designing my website a pleasurable experience. Lana is experienced, professional, and she met all my expectations in a timely manner while staying within my budget. We are all grateful for her ongoing support of our site and her willingness to make changes quickly. I recommend her highly!"

Brenda Solheim CEO ServiceSensor